Prestige Black Label Turbo Yeast 14%


This Gert Strand yeast ferments the purest of all turbo’s in 5 days if the instructions are carefully followed. This sachet (90gms) ferments a 25 litre mash. The yeast is high alcohol tolerant, high temperature tolerant, high osmotic pressure and high stress tolerant.

Instructions: dissolve 6kgs of sugar into 8 litres of hot water. Make sure the sugar has completely dissolved before continuing. Top up to 25 litres with cold water. Make sure the liquid temperature is below 39deg C then add the 90gms of yeast. Stir until no yeast particles are visible. Allow to ferment at 20 – 30deg C air temperature for 2 – 5 days or more. For a pure fermentation the air temperature must not exceed 30deg C.

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