(NEW) Oceania Turbo Pure Yeast 18% ABV


A new yeast from Gert Strand, a temperature tolerant Turbo Yeast, specially formulated for cleaner fermentation.

When fermenting if the air temperature is 25deg C or higher it is recommended to ferment using 6kg (14% abv) or 7kg (16% abv)  of sugar. For 8kg of sugar a temperature of 20% C is recommended. Turbo Pure Oceania’s fermentation is very clean if the air temperature is below 25% C.

Turbo Pure Oceania can produce 18% ethanol by volume if the air temperature is kept at 18deg – 23deg C throughout fermentation.

Instructions: dissolve 6 – 8kg of sugar into 8 litres of hot water, make sure the sugar has completely dissolved before continuing. Top up to 25 litres with cold water. Make sure the liquid temperature is below 35deg C then add the yeast. Stir until no yeast particles are visible

Allow to ferment at 18deg – 23deg C air temperature for 10 days.

For a very pure fermentation the air temperature must be a maximum of 20deg C

Ingredients – yeast nutrients, dried yeast, vitamins, trace minerals and antifoaming agent

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