Prestige Absinthe Red Dragon


Absinthe Red Dragon contains all of the main ingredients of Absinthe – aniseed, star anise oils and wormwood oil – with a whole new taste and experience reflecting it’s beautiful red flame colour. More information in ‘Description’ below.

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Mixed with powerful natural herbs and herb oils makes Absinthe Red Dragon a very satisfying Absinthe experience and opens up possibilities for a whole new level of enjoyment to both new and existing Absinthe drinkers. Louches as wonderful as all the other Absinthes. This is a new age Absinthe very different from other Absinthes on the market today. No other drink in the world comes even close to tasting similar to this.  A minimum strength alcohol 60 – 70% abv is recommended to enable the herb oils to dissolve.  Mix the 20ml of essence with 750ml of neutral spirits for best results, giving  a thujone content of 35mg. OPTIONAL – add 75gms of granulated sugar for a smoother taste.

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